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for DFW and surrounding areas

We will locally pick up your refrigerator and convert it into a kegerator for a cost of $312.48 (price includes all applicable taxes).  This includes everything needed to dispense beer.  All you will have to do is fill your CO2 bottle and put a keg into it.  We can fill your bottle for an additional cost of $19.  We do all necessary labor including building a strong shelf to hold the weight of a keg, assemble all pieces and drill all holes, and do a pressure test to make sure there are no CO2 gas leaks.  We can put the faucet through the door or the side.  Click here to see all the details of the conversion kit.

If you prefer to do the conversion yourself we also sell the complete kits.  See our CO2 tap kit with 5# CO2 cylinder.

The refrigerator needs to be large enough to accommodate a keg of beer and maintain a temperature down to 38 F.  A half barrel measures 27"H (with tap) x 17" diameter.


We have done hundreds of conversions over the years.  Here are just a few that we happened to snap pictures.




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