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Warning:  CO2 gas is highly pressurized and can be dangerous.

All local sales come with full CO2 bottles.  All shipped units are empty.

CO2 gas is used for dispensing draft beer.  It pressurizes the beer keg so that the beer can flow out of the tap.   The keg is pressurized to 8-12 psi depending of several factors including: beer density, line elevation and temperature.  The CO2 cylinder when full is pressurized to 875 psi.  The CO2 regulator is what controls the pressure in the keg.

CO2 bottles are measured in pounds.  Some common CO2 cylinders are 2.5,5,10,15,20 pound bottles.  Here is an average of how many kegs each bottle will run with no CO2 system leaks.

2.5# will run 5 kegs

5# will run 10 kegs

10# will run 20 kegs

and 20# will run 40 kegs.

CO2 gas can be filled in your local town/city.  Just look in the yellow pages under welding supplies.

Q:  Where to fill CO2 tanks?

A:  Look up "Gas" in your local yellow pages.  Call a few of them and ask if they fill small CO2 tanks.  Also, call some local welding suppliers. To fill a 5 pound CO2 tank usually costs between $8.00 and $12.00.  Some beer stores will fill CO2 tanks for free if you buy kegs from them.



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