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This picture doesn't show the nice large brass drip pan that this unit now comes with.

To see the drip pan look at the Executive or Signature Series.


This is an all white unit with oak paneled & trimmed door.  It has a gold plated faucet, brass nameplate, drip pan and lock.  This unit comes with everything needed to dispense beer.  It makes a fine accent with other furniture when the sides can't be seen.  Either built in or with other furniture placed around it.

This Delux Series accommodates a standard 16 gallon beer keg.  (slim or fat style).  It can also be configured to hold two pony kegs with two faucets out the door.  (pony kegs would be stacked one on top of the other)


The drip pan holder is made out of solid oak.  The insides are notched using a computerized milling machine for the cross supports to fit to perfection.  There are hangers on the backside edges that are inset in the oak.  This way the whole fixture can be removed.  The brass drip pan then just sits in the holder.  (Click this link for manufacturing pictures)


 All local sales are delivered and setup
 All local sales come with the CO2 cylinder filled.  $29.95 option to have full CO2 cylinder included with freight shipment.  Price includes all applicable Hazardous Material charges.
 Five year warranty on compressor / 1 year on parts.
 New aluminum five pound CO2 cylinder. (Manufactured by Luxfer)
 Exterior lock allows you to untap the keg and lock the door to secure beer dispensing.
 Kool Keg users manual
 Twin gauge CO2 regulator (tank & line pressure gauges, by Taprite-Fassco Mfg., Inc.)
 1.02 cubic foot of freezer space for mugs and pitchers.
 Large brass drip pan with solid oak holder
 Gold plated faucet
 US Sankey tap and all hoses.
 Cleaning brush for faucet
 Bottle and faucet wrenches
 One glass 60oz pitcher and four glass 12oz mugs (Libby glassware)

Stain Colors by Minwax®

To see pricing for the Delux series in a homebrew setup click here.


$1055.95   (Sales Tax applicable for TX residents only)  (+Freight Charges if not local)

Other Options and Pricing:

  • Option with two pony keg/faucet setup......................$194.76

This option adds one more US Sankey tap, all hoses, fittings, and exterior faucet for dispensing two pony (1/4 barrel) kegs.  Pony kegs are double stacked inside refrigerator.

  • To see pricing for the Delux series in a homebrew setup click here.



Manufacture time for our Delux Series is 2-3 weeks.  Shipment of this unit in the US is between 2-5 days.  Inquiries on international shipments need to be called in to discuss shipping options. 



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