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    We are currently building two more models in our inventory.  These models will be our antique executive series and a antique signature series.  Each model will be covered with old, used, weathered barn wood that we will be collecting from the South Plains country farms.  We will then take the wood and plane the thickness down to 1/4" to keep the weight down.  Then we will panel the unit to give it a country antique look.  We are excited to offer this model in the future.

    The antique executive series will be just like our executive series just with barn wood rather than oak.

    The antique signature will be a series that is like our current signature series with a liquor cabinet made out of barn wood.  We will probably leave off the glass doors due to the roughness of the wood.  We were thinking of leather doors or something of that matter.

Sample of one done in fence wood.



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