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About Kool Keg Conversion Kits

    We don't skimp on anything.  Our kits are put together in-house from parts supplied to us from all the leading vendors in the industry.  In other words every part of this kit down to the beer line and tail end pieces uses all the HIGHEST QUALITY piece parts.

The assembled complete kit for $219.99 contains:

  1. Five pound empty Luxfer Aluminum CO2 bottle.  Bottle when full will dispense around 10 kegs of beer.

  1. Tap-rite dual gauge regulator.  Dual gauges mean there is a low pressure gauge to show the line pressure going to your keg.  The other gauge is a high pressure gauge to show tank pressure so that you know when your bottle is getting low and needs to be filled.

  2. Six feet of 5/8" ID red CO2 gas hose.

  3. US Sankey tap to tap the beer keg (another style of tap could be exchanged if desired).  US Sankey tap is the most common amongst domestic beer kegs.

  4. Stainless Hex nuts and tail end pieces to connect beer line to Tap and Shank.

  5. 3/16" ID soft flex clear beer line.  The clear line is nice so that one can see at a glance if the lines need cleaning.

  6. 4.125" nickel plated steel shank with 3/6" ID.  Is long enough to go through 95% of all refrigerator doors.

  7. Chrome-Perlick faucet with stainless lever.  Sure not to bind or break like brass.

  8. Black universal screw on knob.

  9. Large stainless steel drip pan.

All parts and hose ID's match perfectly for optimal dispensing and foam reduction.



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