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                          Texas resident (6.25% sales tax will apply)

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Shipment explanation and info:

Even though these units are compact, the size and weight limit exceeds the U.P.S. shipping limits.  We use FedEx Freight for all of our US shipments.

All shipments have options upon delivery.  It costs a minimum amount to deliver from our facility to your closest freight carrier's service center.  There is no extra charge to deliver from the FedEx Freight service center to a place of business.  However, there is an extra $92 charge for the freight carrier to deliver from their service center to a residence.  If you don't have the option of delivering to a place of business and want to save the $92 residential delivery charge, you can pick up the unit at the service center.

To find out where the closest FedEx Freight service center is to you, click here.   

Shipment option  

If you choose to have it delivered to your residence please fill in your residence delivery address:

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If you choose to have it delivered to a business please fill in the business delivery address:

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General Model Info:

Select the cosmetic model that you are interested in:      

Select the tap configuration:    

Option to have full CO2 cylinder included with freight shipment.  Price includes all applicable Hazardous Material charges.    Note:  Local deliveries include full CO2 cylinder at no extra charge.

Select the way you want the door to open:

Hinges on the right / opens on left (default)

Hinges on the left / opens on the right (no extra charge)

Exterior Lock:  (to keep unwanted drinkers out) 

Choose stain choice for all models other than Base Model: 

Choose Gloss:  

More Specific Model Info:

  • Axent Series:

Faucet style If you chose lock above please specify color

Brass drip pan with oak holder ($149.95 extra option)      Yes No

  • Delux Series:  

Standard options above

  • Executive Series

Standard options above

  • Signature Series

CO2 door location on liquor cabinet  Left   Right  (Normally the CO2 door is located on the same side that the refrigerator door opens on)

Glass doors on liquor cabinet  Gray tint (default)   Clear tint (extra $15 charge)

Humidor ($218.98 extra option)    Yes    No


Any other comments that you would like to ask or let us know about.


Payment Into:

We will contact you by phone to collect your payment info.

All information on this order form is completely confidential.


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